Brand Consult

Now that you've taken the quiz and read the Manifesto, you hopefully identified with the characteristics of your Brand Persona (don't forget to read the others as well!) Of course everyone is different and the last thing we should be doing is putting ourselves (or anyone else) in a box. Remember this is a starting point to give you a basis on which to build your own individual Brand Persona.

Want to dive further into your Brand Persona? Then the Bespoke Brand Persona Consult is for you.

The Brand Persona Consult is for you if you're not sure where to go next. We work 1:1 to bring out all of the personal and individual elements that will make your unique Brand Persona a true reflection of you - think of it like a personal shopper for your business.

The end result is a totally unique Bespoke Brand Persona story to share, a deep understanding of the images you should be using and the language to support them. Visually you will have a personalised Mood Board and a colour palette and font collection curated especially for you.

(Please note it doesn't include any actual design work - if you are looking for a logo or website as well then book a free 20 minute chat and we can talk about the best option for you).


  • Detailed design questionnaire that goes deep into your 'why'
  • Secret Pinterest board
  • 20 minute Skype consultation


  • Unique Brand Persona Name
  • Meet Your Brand Persona
  • Style & Soul
  • Beautiful Moodboard
  • Colour + Font + Image Suggestions
Colleen Arneil

Without question, this story is so me! It captures the utter essence of what I believe in a way I had yet to articulate myself. Seriously - it is amazeballs. I am just so grateful I cannot say it enough! COLLEEN ARNEIL PHD. | PASSIVE INCOME QUEEN


[Nic's] process really draws out aspects of your personality and your business you can't otherwise see. Then she swoops in and connects the dots for you. LAURA MIXON CAMACHO PHD. | MIXONIAN INSTITUTE


[Nic] perfectly crafted a visual story that brought me to tears when I first saw it - I opened the story and got so emotional I immediately knew it was the right one. CARRIE BRUMMER | ARTIST STRONG


I cried when I first saw it...Nicola is a true visionary - she thoroughly understood what I was asking for and then made it better! KAREN QUINN | KAREN QUINN FRAGRANCES